Want To Get Your House Photo Shoot Ready? Here's How

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Want To Get Your House Photo Shoot Ready? Here's How

27 September 2018
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If you were recently approached by a magazine or blog because they want to use the exterior of your house in some sort of photo shoot, then you may be wondering how on earth you will get the exterior ready for pictures. For the most part, the company who is taking the photos will do all of the cleaning and maintenance, but there are a few services that you can hire out or do yourself in order to get everything looking as good as new. Read on to learn some more. 

Pressure Washing

You may not realize it, but there is probably more dirt caked onto the exterior of your house then you may be aware of. To get all of the dirt off and make the exterior of your house look as clean as possible, hire a pressure washing company to come pressure wash your house. Pressure washing is similar to using a hose to clean the exterior of your house, but it, as the name states, uses a lot of forced pressure, which works to clean off dirt that's been caked on. When you have someone pressure wash your house, make sure that they do it a day or two before the photo shoot so that everything has the chance to fully dry before you have the photographers stop by. 


The other service that you will want to consider hiring is a professional gardener. A professional gardener will not only mow your lawn and trim the edges but will also do things like help you plant a lot of flowers and bushes so that everything looks like it is ready to be featured in a magazine. Make sure that you have this service done at least a day or so before the photo shoot so that everything looks clean and ready to go. 

Paint Touch Ups

If you have paint that's peeling on any part of your house, then you will want to hire a professional exterior painter to come out and do paint touch-ups. The better your house looks overall, the better the photos will turn out. 

It's an honor to be approached by a blog or company to have your house featured in a magazine or online, but it can also be a little bit stressful. To make sure that your house looks as professional as possible, make sure that you hire out these services.