4 Ways To Keep Your Carpets Clean

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4 Ways To Keep Your Carpets Clean

22 August 2018
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Keeping your carpets clean can help make your home feel more welcome and can make your home a healthier place to be as well. There are steps that you can take to ensure that your carpets stay as clean as possible.

Set Up Rugs at Entry Points to Your Home

The first thing you need to do is set-up rugs at entry points to your home. You should put outdoor rugs outside of each entry point to your home. You should place rugs inside of each entry way door as well.

Putting rugs at each entry point of your home will help reduce the amount of dirt that is carried into your home from the shoes, people, and bags. This is a smart step forward in keeping your carpets cleaner to begin with.

Start a No-Shoe Policy

The second thing that you need to do is start a no-shoe policy. A no-shoe policy means that everyone who enters your home has to take off their shoes. You can make this policy easier to follow by setting up a bench near each entry door where people can sit down and put on their shoes. Also, set up a shoe rack so that everyone has a place to put their shoes when they take them off. It is a smart idea to also put a coat rack in place as well so people have a place to put their coats.

Vacuum All High-Use Areas Multiple Times Per Week

Third, you are going to want to vacuum all high-use areas multiple times per week. High use areas include spaces such as your hallways, kitchen, and living room. The areas that your family spends the most time in should be vacuumed at least three times a week. This may seem like a lot, but as you get into a routine of vacuuming these spaces, the process will go get easier and faster.

Vacuum Low-Use Areas at Least Once a Week

Fourth, you should vacuum all low-use areas at least once a week, possibly twice a week. Low-use areas include spaces such as bedrooms as well as any rooms that are not used on a frequent basis, such as your basement or spare bedroom. You don't want to neglect these areas entirely as dirt can easily be transferred to the rest of your carpet.

Keeping your carpets clean requires a well-rounded plan. Put rugs at the entry ways to your home and set-up spaces for everyone to take off their shoes and remove their coats to prevent dirt from being tracked into your home. Vacuum all high-use areas multiple times per week, and vacuum low-use areas at least once a week. Then, on a yearly basis, get your carpets deep cleaned.

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