Things To Know About Caring For Your Tiled Surfaces

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Things To Know About Caring For Your Tiled Surfaces

3 June 2018
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It is common for kitchens and bathrooms to utilize tiles for the flooring and walls. This is often due to the fact that tile can be extremely resistant to moisture damage and staining. However, homeowners are often unaware of the type of care and maintenance that their tiles surface will require.

Clean The Tiles Every Few Weeks

One of the most basic steps you can take to protect your tiling will be to clean it on a regular basis. If you fail to clean the tiling on a regular schedule, soap scum, mildew and other substances can start to stain the tiles and grout. Depending on the type and amount of these substances, they could also contribute to the room developing a musty odor. By cleaning the tiles every few weeks, you will be able to remove these substances before they can accumulate enough to cause problems for the home.

Try Using Diluted Vinegar When Cleaning The Tiles

While there are a variety of tile and grout cleaning products, these products can be somewhat expensive, and they may not always be effective on particularly stubborn stains. Luckily, vinegar is an extremely effective solution for lifting stains out of tile and grout. When you using a vinegar solution to clean your tiles, you should dilute it with water and use a sponge to apply generous amounts of this solution to the tile. After letting it stay on the tile for several minutes, you should use the sponge to vigorously scrub the tile. Once it is sufficiently clean, the vinegar should be rinsed off the tile.

Check The Grout For Signs Of Flaking Or Cracking

When you are cleaning the tiling, you should take the opportunity to inspect the grout for signs of wear and tear. As the grout ages, it can become very brittle, which may lead to it starting to flake and crack. This is an issue that can eventually cause your tiles to start to loosen and fall out. If you notice that the grout is starting to develop these issues, you may want to hire a contractor to replace the grout. This work will often be fairly minor as these contractors have the tools to easily remove the old grout and inject new grout into the space between the tiles. After this work has been done, you may need to refrain from using the tile for at least a full day to allow it to fully dry and cure.

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