3 Key Goals Of Water Damage Restoration

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3 Key Goals Of Water Damage Restoration

9 April 2018
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When water gets inside a home, it can cause major damages to the house. This can happen from broken plumbing pipes, flooding, or clogged gutters, but it is not a problem you should handle yourself. Water that enters into a home needs immediate attention and work, and that is what water damage restoration companies do. They offer services to help people restore their homes after water damage occurs, and here are the three main goals water damage restoration companies aim for:

Remove standing water as quickly as possible

The first goal a water damage restoration company has is removing the standing water that is present. Until this is finished, nothing else can really be done about the problem. To remove the water, the company might use large vacuums that suck the water out of the area and outside. In many cases, the water is sucked into a truck that can be driven away and emptied elsewhere. If the water is just suctioned outside of the home, it could end up getting back inside through the walls or foundation of the home.

Test the area to discover all the damage

A second key goal the company will have is to fully evaluate the entire area where the water was located. During this step, the company may test the walls and ceilings for moisture content. This can help them know what other steps are needed to clean up the water damage. If the standing water was in the home for a long time, there will most likely be more damage than there would have been if the water was removed right away. One of the risks of water inside a home is the development of mold and mildew, and the water damage restoration company will want to make sure your home does not have any mold or mildew in it. If it does, they will treat that as well.

Dry out the room

The third key element of cleaning up a water-damaged area is drying it out. Even after the company removes the standing water, there will still be moisture in the area. To dry this out, they may place fans in the area and dehumidifiers to pull and collect the moisture.

These are the three key goals of water damage restoration services. If you've just discovered standing water in your home, contact a company right away that offers these services, so that they can get started on the job immediately. For more information, contact companies like Blue Ribbon Carpet Cleaning.