Reasons To Hire A Flood Restoration Company Instead Of Relying On DIY Repairs

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Reasons To Hire A Flood Restoration Company Instead Of Relying On DIY Repairs

8 March 2017
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When there is a flood, you may experience water damage in your basement or even in the lower levels of your home or garage. This water damage may be as minor as some standing water in spots or it may be major damage requiring carpeting to be removed and floors to be restored. Regardless of the level of water damage, it seems that some homeowners would rather handle it as a DIY job. Here are some reasons that you may not want to go that route and instead use a water damage restoration cleaning service.

Disinfectant and Sterilization Stages

When you handle water restoration yourself, you may think of the basics. This means you dry out the area, make sure that all the water is gone, and maybe you use some kind of mold killing paint over the walls or concrete. When that is done, you usually seal the area to prevent future water damage if possible. The problem with this is that you may be skipping two very important steps that a water damage restoration cleaning service would not overlook.

Those steps are disinfecting the area and sterilizing the area. Remember, not all flood water is simply rain that has built up. It could contain contaminants from local sewer lines, septic tanks, or plants that secrete poison oils. It can also contain trash that has accumulated in the flood waters. All of this gets into your home during the flood damage and needs to be removed for your safety.

Scheduling Benefits

When you handle a project like this as a DIY, you may not be thinking about the time constraints. There are certain parts of the project that will need to be done as soon as possible in order to prevent further water damage or the water damage from spreading. For example, as a DIY project, you may only have time to take up the carpeting.

The problem is if you do that and don't clean and air out the area, you could end up with dampness that leads to mold and mildew. Water damage restoration is actually something that needs to be done over the course of a few days rather than a few weekends. By hiring a water damage restoration company you are ensuring that the entire restoration is done in a timely manner regardless of your own scheduling issues.

Reduced Costs

The main aspect that most people do not consider when they take on a water restoration project is the cost. There is a misconception that taking it on as a DIY project would be cheaper because you are avoiding labor costs. The truth is unless you have the right tools or supplies and equipment, you will have to purchase them. You will have to purchase cleaners, fans, and other equipment as well. When you budget this out, along with the time and the replacement of the carpet or flooring, you will end up paying more in most cases than the cleaning service will charge for a bundled cleaning package and restoration.

By taking these three considerations in mind, you can ensure that you are taking on the DIY water restoration only if you are totally prepared and that you are getting the best restoration company for the job.