4 Cleaning Tips To Help You Prepare For Hosting Thanksgiving

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4 Cleaning Tips To Help You Prepare For Hosting Thanksgiving

15 November 2016
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If you are hosting a large Thanksgiving dinner at your home this year, here are four cleaning steps you can take ahead of the big day that will make preparing for Thanksgiving go a little smoother. 

#1 Go Through Your Refrigerator

A couple of days before Thanksgiving, you are going to want to go through your refrigerator. Go through everything that is in the door of your refrigerator and throw away any sauces or dressings that are past their expiration date; you don't want a guest to grab something that is expired out of your fridge.

Throw away any leftovers you will not eat before the big day, and consolidate all of your "regular" food down to one shelf. If you have a second refrigerator, move food that you don't need for Thanksgiving to your second refrigerator. Try to create as much room as possible in your fridge for Thanksgiving supplies, dishes, and leftovers.

As you go through your fridge, wipe down all of the shelves and drawers so that they are clean as well. Multiple people may be getting in and out of your fridge on Thanksgiving, and you want it to look nice. 

#2 Clean The Oven

If it has been a long time since you have cleaned your oven, turn on the self-cleaning cycle about a week before Thanksgiving. When it is done running and your stove has cooled off, sweep up and remove all the ashes that were created and wipe off the glass viewing window in your oven. 

#3 Declutter Your Countertops

Next, you are going to need all the counter space you can get for preparing and displaying food on Thanksgiving. Declutter your countertops and remove anything that doesn't need to be there, such as workout schedules, homework, chargers, etc. 

If you have a lot of decorations on your kitchen counters, you may want to consider storing these away as well so you have more room for the Thanksgiving feast. 

#4 Organize Your Cabinets & Drawers

Finally, when preparing and hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, you are going to need access to a variety of different tools. Go through all of your cabinets and drawers, and make sure that they are organized and that it is easy to find items inside of them. If there is any unnecessary clutter inside of your cabinets and drawers in your kitchen, find a new home for it until the holidays pass. 

Having organized cabinets and drawers will make it easier when someone needs to grab an extra plate or needs to borrow a serving dish. You and your guests will be able to find items easier.

The week before Thanksgiving, spend some time cleaning and organizing your kitchen. You can hire a cleaning service like Maids By Trade if you'd like help. It will make preparing and hosting the actual Thanksgiving feast go much smoother.