Plan To Take Care Of Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding

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Plan To Take Care Of Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding

28 October 2016
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If you want to be able to pull out your wedding dress to show your kids years down the road, or if you want to wear your wedding dress for your future anniversaries, you need to take care of your dress right after your wedding. Here are a few tips that will help you preserve your wedding dress for future use.

#1 Get It Cleaned Right Away

After the big day is over, many brides want to forget about all the stress and time it took to plan their wedding and just enjoy the time with their new husband. However, after your wedding, it is essential that you get your wedding dress cleaned right away. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for stains to be removed from your wedding dress. 

Include getting your dress cleaned as part of your wedding planning. If you are going to be heading out of town right after your wedding, arrange to have a friend come over, pick up your dress, and take it to a pre-selected dry-cleaner. Rely on the support system that got you through your wedding to take care of your dress after the fact as well. 

#2 Pick Out A Storage Location

Before your wedding, decide where you want to store your wedding gown after the big day. Making these decisions in advance will cut down on the decisions that you have to make while basking in your new joy as a married couple.

You should not store your wedding dress in your attic, basement, or garage. All three of these areas of your home experience extreme changes in humidity and temperature that can damage the color of your dress and condition of the fabric of your dress. 

You should also not store your wedding dress inside of a sealed bag. When your wedding dress is stored inside of a sealed bag, moisture cannot get out and mold and mildew could damage your dress. You should also avoid plastic covers as they can release chemicals that can damage your dress as well. 

Your dress should be stored inside of an acid-free box and wrapped in either muslin or paper so that your dress can breathe without getting damaged. 

#3 Store Your Shoes Somewhere Else

If you have special shoes that you purchased to go with your wedding dress, do not store them in the same box or bag with your wedding dress. Over time, the fumes that your shoes give out could damage your dress depending upon the materials that they are made out of. Store you shoes inside of their own shoe box, away from your dress.

Before your wedding, make plans to have your wedding dress cleaned and treated so that you can preserve it for the future.