3 Instances When It's Wise to Sanitize Office Desks

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3 Instances When It's Wise to Sanitize Office Desks

26 October 2016
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Businesses rely heavily on janitorial services to keep the interior of an office neat, tidy, and professional in appearances. Vacuuming, dusting, and trash removal are basic services a good janitorial service performs. One other helpful task to request would be office desk sanitizing. The average office desk might not look like a breeding ground for bacteria, but any neglected surface could end up being home to germs. Left unchecked, bacteria is going to grow and could create health problems in the office.

Requesting desk sanitation as part of routine office cleaning work could be done daily, weekly, or monthly depending on client needs and budgets. There are certain times when an immediate desk sanitation should be done:

Upon Discovering Excess Moisture

Everything from a leaky faucet to a window left open during the rain could cause moisture to collect. Depending upon the circumstances, moisture may lead to the visible growth of mold on ceilings and walls. Thorough office managers will have the moldy surfaces cleaned and disinfected immediately. Since mold spores may travel, disinfecting the office desks is advised. Desk sanitation should be done even when mold is not clearly visible. Perhaps microscopic growth is present. A good desk cleaning may get rid of it.

After an Office Party

A lot of food is consumed, shared, and spilled during holiday parties or special potluck lunches. Bits and pieces of food that land on a desk and remain there for even a day could undermine the sanitation of an office. And it doesn't take long for various critters and creatures to arrive on the scene once the scent of food remains in the air. Make sure to tell the janitorial team to look underneath and along the sides of desks and chairs. A overlooked drop of ice cream or other sugary, sticky substances won't be missed by mice.

Following a Heating/Cooling Failure

Whether the air conditioner shuts off or the heat overworks, people working in a hot environment are going to sweat. Sweat does drip and can land on desks. Bodily fluids could house many germs. In addition to getting the cooling/heating system fixed, have desks sanitized to eliminate any germs.

Cleaning an office should entail cleaning an entire office. Any missed spots will become fertile ground for germs. So don't skip out on having offices desks sanitized. For more assistance or information, contact local cleaning or janitorial services such as NYC Office Cleaners.