How To Ensure Your Office Is Ready For The Cleaning Service Team

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How To Ensure Your Office Is Ready For The Cleaning Service Team

3 October 2016
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Depending on the number of people working in your office, there could be a lot of foot traffic and activity throughout the day. Paperwork, lunch, and other factors contribute to making the office messy, which makes it essential to have it cleaned daily. This is because the office has to remain presentable to keep up the morale and provide a healthy working environment. For this reason, it may be necessary to hire commercial cleaners that will get the job done right. However, before scheduling for the cleaning service to come to the office, you should take the following steps to ensure your office will be properly cleaned each day.

Organizing Your Desk

Cleaning is also about making sure things are also organized and put in order. The way you keep your office displayed is the deciding factor on what the cleaning contractor will actually be able to clean. Professional commercial cleaners understand the importance of the papers and other items displayed on your desk and may not feel comfortable with touching them and end up just wiping around them. If this happens, it means that your desk will not be fully clean and may be a bit dusty. Now, if your desk is just in a complete disarray with papers strewn all about the cleaner may just refuse to clean it altogether. If you maintain an organized desk, it will allow them to clean more appropriately.

Determining What To Clean

There may be areas within your office that you consider off limits to the cleaning crew. If so, you should let the supervisor of the cleaning crew know. It's best to provide clear instructions so you don't have a

misunderstanding. In addition, if you have an area within your office that requires special attention, you should provide the cleaning contractor with this information as well. The best way to have a long-lasting partnership with a cleaning contractor you can trust, is to determine what needs to happen before they start the job and have it outlined in the contract. This will enable them to understand exactly what is required when they beginning cleaning your office.

Performing Background Checks

Cleaning companies typically have thorough background checks performed on all their employees before they hire them. Therefore, you don't have to worry about securing background information for their staff. However, you should also enforce some safety issues for them to ensure the safety of your office and staff. Have a designated area in the office for their chemicals and equipment to be put away that is separate from traditional office supplies.

The extra steps taken to prepare for the cleaning company will ensure that your office is ready. The contractors will do a better job cleaning when they understand upfront what is expected. It is also a good idea to let your employees know the days the cleaners will arrive so they can ensure that their areas are ready as well.