About To Start Remodeling Your Home? Keep The Carpet Clean With Some Helpful Tips

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About To Start Remodeling Your Home? Keep The Carpet Clean With Some Helpful Tips

2 September 2016
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Going through daily life will naturally put some wear and tear on the carpet in your home. But, going through a remodel is anything but typical, and it can lead to an extremely dirty carpet without preparation. Although you could try vacuuming up the carpet every day to minimize deterioration, you are better off using a combination of methods that mostly revolve around preventing contact in the first place.

Clean the Tools and Materials

Each day, before you introduce tools or materials to the inside of your home, you should clean them to get sawdust, dirt, and other particles off of the surface. This might happen when you are handling construction in the garage or outside, and then bringing the completed works inside for installation. The easiest way to maintain a clean carpet is to prevent dirt from getting inside at all. It is even better when you get your hands on power tools that have a dust extraction feature included. This addition on its own will prevent most dust from getting released into the room, and you can just empty it in the trash.

Use a Large Area Rug

It is a good idea to invest in a large area rug that you can bring with you around the home. When you know that you are going to work on a project in a certain area, you can place the rug there. After each day, you can take the rug outside and shake it out to get rid of all small particles. Repeating this process whenever you work on remodeling the home will drastically reduce how dirty your carpet gets.

Handle the Dust and Debris

Some dust is going to end up floating around, so you should come up with a solution. To prevent it from getting into other parts of the house, you should close the doors and put up plastic sheets. Adding two layers, one on the inside of the door and the other on the outside of the door is ideal. Then, you can cut slits in the middle portions to give you and others easy access without letting the dust escape.

Applying these three tips will help you keep the carpet from getting excessively dirty while remodeling. After you are finished with the remodel, you should get the carpet professionally cleaned to prevent the leftover dirt and dust particles from settling into the carpet and causing issues later on. For more information, contact local professionals like Jay's Carpet Cleaning.