4 Tips For Keeping Your Carpets Looking Great This Winter

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4 Tips For Keeping Your Carpets Looking Great This Winter

7 January 2016
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During the winter, most people spend more time inside, which means that your carpets experience more wear and tear than during the summer months. Additionally, it is wet and dirty outside, and all that winter sludge can easily get tracked into your house and onto your carpets. Here are four tips for keeping your carpets looking nice this winter, despite the extra wear and tear.

Invest In Some Rugs

The first thing you need to do to protect your carpets is invest in some rugs. Purchase an outdoor rug for in front of your doors so that you and your family can wipe their feet off before they even enter your house.

You should also set up rugs inside of your house. Even if you wipe your feet off before coming inside, that does not mean your feet will be clean. A nice big rug in your entry way will give you and your family a place to clean their feet and remove their shoes after they enter your home.

Speaking of shoes, insist that anyone who enters your home removes their shoes. This is the best way to keep all the dirt and moisture that comes along with winter out of your home. Provide your family and guests with slippers or socks to wear after they take off their shoes in your home.

Stick To Your Vacuum Routine

During the winter months, it is vital that you create and stick to a vacuuming schedule. If you fail to vacuum your carpet frequently enough, any dirt on your carpet will be ground in further from all the foot traffic you get in your home during the winter months.

How often you vacuum depends on how many people live in your home and how much foot traffic you get. Vacuuming two to three times a week is probably sufficient for most homes. 

Treat Any Spots Right Away

In the winter months, there is a higher chance that mud and dirt may make their way into your home. With lots of indoor holiday entertaining, there is also an increased risk of food and drink spills.

If you notice any spots on your carpet, be sure to address and clean them up right away. The longer you let them sit, the more you compromise the integrity of your carpet. 

Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Finally, if you really want to keep your carpet looking great this winter, have a professional carpet cleaning company come in and clean your carpets. Your carpets can be professionally cleaned throughout the year, and winter is no exception. Having your carpets professionally cleaned by experts, such as those at Beatty's Carpet Cleaners, will extend the life of your carpets. 

Keep your carpets in good shape this winter by following the four tips above. By keeping dirt out of your home, and making sure that your carpets stay clean, you should be able to get through this winter without too much wear and tear to your carpets.