How To Get And Keep Your Specialty Food Store Ready For The Holidays

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How To Get And Keep Your Specialty Food Store Ready For The Holidays

9 October 2015
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The holidays are just a couple of months away, which means you need to get your specialty store ready now. If you haven't done so already, order cleaning services. Janitorial cleaning services keep your food preparation area sanitized and organized for your holiday orders. If you don't have time to clean up after preparing and shipping orders, cleaning services take care of it for you. Here are reasons to order your cleaning services right now.

Prepare Your Kitchen for the New Season

If you haven't used your appliances since last holiday season, it's time to do so now. The leftover grease in your ovens, mold in your cold storage units and dust on your counters can take time to clean up, which means you can get a head start on the new season's orders. Avoid this problem by having contractors come in and deep clean your kitchen.

Cleaning contractors develop a plan that addresses your biggest problems first, then move down the list until they reach the smallest problems in your kitchen. For example, if you need to order and store frozen goods in your cold storage units, the contractors can clean out, wash down and sanitize these appliances first. You can always change the plan to fit your needs, depending on what areas you want to use next.

Once your specialty food store is ready for business, keep it clean with routine maintenance services.

Keep Your Store Clean All Season Long

If you use eggs, poultry and even milk to prepare your culinary gifts, it's essential that you keep your kitchen free of pathogens throughout the season. Simply wiping down your counters, ovens and cold storage units in between orders won't be enough to prevent foodborne illnesses. In addition, your floors can build up with dangerous grease and attract pests to the kitchen. You need to take drastic steps to clean your kitchen, or you may obtain fines and risk losing your store.

Depending on their service plans, your contractors may offer janitorial cleaning services during the day, evening or night. The services may include drainage cleaning, floor waxing, floor degreasing, and kitchen sink maintenance. You choose the plan that works best for your business.

Tips for You

You can also keep your specialty store operating smoothly this season by ordering grease trap pickup services every week. Instead of dumping your greases and fats down the drain, place them in a storage unit after the store closes for the day. If possible, ask your cleaning service contractors to empty your grease traps to save you time.

For more information about cleaning services, contact your contractor today.