Having a Baby? 3 Things to Consider to Avoid Needing Excessive Carpet Cleaning

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Having a Baby? 3 Things to Consider to Avoid Needing Excessive Carpet Cleaning

5 October 2016
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After a lengthy pregnancy and giving birth, you will finally be able to bring your baby home. You will likely have everything they need in a dedicated nursery area, whether it is in your bedroom or a separate room. While it is expected for babies to create lots of messes, one thing that you do not want to forget about is the carpet in your home. It is one of the things most susceptible parts to lasting wear and tear. So, you should spend some time preparing for your baby to come home to keep the carpet clean at all times.

Proper Diaper Selection and Usage

Throughout the beginning of your baby's life, you will need to buy them all sorts of diapers. It is important to pay attention to the ones that you purchase because buying the right diapers can save your carpet from regular staining. The best way to go about measuring for diapers is to go by weight. Then comes putting the diapers on. It is crucial for you to take your time to make sure the diapers are always worn in the way they were intended. Blowouts are an unfortunate reality when it comes to babies and diapers, so it is best to focus on preventive measures by setting up their play area in an area where it won't be likely that the carpet will be damaged. A baby play mat or even gym flooring can be used to protect your carpet while your baby is at a very young age.

No-Drip Baby Bottles

Another investment that you will want to make is in no-drip baby bottles. You should expect your baby to twirl and fling the bottle around at some point in time, and leaking will get on the carpeted floors. So make it a priority to spend a small premium to get yourself no-drip bottles. It is best to give each bottle a test every week or so to make sure this specific feature does not stop working all of a sudden.

Changing Table Placement

When you are changing your baby's diapers, accidents can happen. You do not want to place their changing table anywhere near the carpet, as it could end up getting dirty and then need to be cleaned. The bathroom is an ideal location, but you might not have enough room in your own. An alternative is creating a safe zone in one of the bedrooms where none of the carpet is exposed within a certain range. An inexpensive rug or gym flooring are two options for covering up the carpet in this area.

Carpet is a great floor type for babies because it is soft and forgiving, but you also need to pay attention to a number of things to prevent the need for frequent carpet cleaning from your child's messes. For more tips, talk to a company such as Personal Touch Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.